Individual Counseling

Sometimes we face a personal relationship challenge or trauma that cannot be addressed in training. Emotional Logic offers a kinesthetic learning experience that equips you to make sense of your inner emotional landscape. As you move the feeling cards around on the screen, your brain is actually ‘handling’ the feelings and messages of these emotions. The planning center of your brain is brought into a partnership with your feelings to process them. Your emotions are messengers that tell you when a personal value is violated. As you learn the logic of your emotions, you learn to respect and befriend your emotions.

Feedback from a counselee

As a child we used to read comic books. I had a book about Gulliver’s Travels. On the front page was a picture of Gulliver, a giant of a man. He was pinned down to the ground by ropes and tent pegs. He was held prisoner by tiny men. I felt just like Gulliver. No matter how many different types of counselling I tried, I just stayed stuck in the pain of my childhood. When I learnt Emotional Logic and Annette did a few sessions with me, I was able to untie the ropes and loosen the tent pegs. I now make new choices in my relationship with myself and others and experience new freedom and quality of life.