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Emotional Logic

What is Emotional Logic?


We do not experience our emotions in a neat linear fashion.  I can feel angry about one situation, guilty about another, shocked about a third and depressed about something else.  Our emotions are messengers that attempt to get our attention when there is a violation of our values.  Emotional Logic provides a framework to befriend and interpret my emotions.  EL is a life skill that equips you to make sense of your inner emotional landscape and enable you to navigate your way forward.

Emotions are useful

Your body cannot send you a WhatsApp. It sends you an emotion. E-motion is energy in motion. If you choose to ignore or suppress the emotion, your body could escalate it to a pain. Where in your body do you regularly experience pain? If your body still does not get your attention, it may become desperate and send you a sickness to get you to stop and listen to yourself. Emotions are physical, and they gear you up to take action, or to take a step back and reflect. Emotions may feel unpleasant, but they have a useful purpose. When you learn to engage with their useful purposes, you can restore movement to life and personal growth.

How can Emotional Logic help you?

Our lives are filled with unrecognised grieving that traps us and makes us feel stuck. Disappointments pile up and drains hope away. The death of a dream is as valid a trauma as the death of a person. If you do not realise this, you cannot move from the emotional chaos that you experience. Emotional Logic equips you to use your emotional energy to be part of the solution not the problem. In this way, it can prevent common mental illness by building new resilience.

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