Emotional Logic:

Emotional Logic is not Emotional Intelligence. It is a life skill that was developed 35 years ago by a medical doctor from Brittan, Dr Trevor Griffiths. He noticed that his patients faced repetitive disappointments and did not attend to their losses, which led to anxiety and depression as illnesses. Our emotions are not right or wrong, good or bad. They are comfortable or uncomfortable.

Our emotions play out on the stage of relationships. We relate with ourselves, family and friends, fellow workers and our community. When there is conflict in a relationship, it causes confusion and stuck-ness. Emotional logic is a life-skill that teaches you about the useful purposes of uncomfortable emotions like anger and depression to help you become un- stuck.

Your body cannot send you a WhatsApp. It sends you physical sensations of discomfort and emotions that remind you of what you value. Learning the logic of your emotions, sheds light on confusion. When you understand your emotions, you no longer feel overwhelmed by them. Now you can take one step to navigate your way to new solutions to thrive again.

About Annette

Annette de la Porte is a social worker with 40 years’ experience in counselling, training and group work. She worked in two psychiatric hospitals and two prisons where she learnt to accompany people who faced mental breakdowns and had to find ways to rebuild their lives. During the 23 years she worked in two government hospitals, she pioneered supporting programmes for the emotional wellness of nursing staff who faced burnout. In the stage five lockdown of Covid-19 she developed a debriefing programme to deal with the losses of the pandemic.