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At the back of my business cards I printed the following words: You can only care for others, if you care enough to take care of yourself. In journeying with a disease that became chronic, I had to find ways to stay resilient by taking care of myself. I equip, encourage and inspire people in creative ways to learn to love and respect themselves and befriend their emotions. I share my journey as a depression life expert by writing blogs to make sense of my grief (visit the Voicebox). September is the start of spring in South Africa and I will start training on the life-giving principles of Emotional Logic.

My book "Hold onto Him" encompasses life lessons and strategies that help people progress through challenging times. My husband, Andre, was invited to preach at a local church. His topic was “failure to thrive”. It is a disease newborn babies are sometimes diagnosed with. They are healthy, they just do not pick up weight or grow. Many of us can resonate with feeling that you are failing to thrive and blossom. Learning how to map our emotional world, opens up new insight that offers choices for thriving. Emotional Logic taught me how to become emotionally unstuck and able to thrive again.

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Blog posts for people who lost their voice during their journey with illness

September 23, 2020

Making Sense of my Grief: Being Kidnapped

I want to schedule an appointment with Grief. We really need to talk about some boundaries here. My life has been invaded. This is a hostile […]
September 18, 2020

Making Sense of My Grief: A Tunning Fork

The orchestra pit was your favourite spot at a symphony concert. You were in awe when the musicians started to tune their different instruments. It sounded […]
September 15, 2020

Making Sense of my Grief: Heart-ache

I did not seek to employ grief. There is no contract between us about rights and responsibilities at a fixed price rate. I am discovering that […]