Hold onto Him

Hold onto Him was birthed after a deliberate decision to mourn the disappointments that are part and parcel of journeying with illness. A disappointment can be a disaster, a detour or a new destination.. To protect our children against the pain of the stigma associated with depression, we did not talk about it as a family. My husband’s depression was our secret for many years. We often struggled to find ways to deal with the loss of connection that was brought about by the apathy of depression. We sought counselling, individually and as a couple. My coping strategies resulted in a self-published book printed in September 2018. At our Christmas meal that year, we had an open family discussion about the impact depression had on our lives. While eating roast lamb, potatoes and pumpkin tart, we could also reflect on our victories to be a happy household amidst the challenges. Only five of the stories in the book is about depression. The other 68 stories is about relating, how to use humour to resolve a difference and reframing situations from problems to solutions. I found restoration by learning Emotional Logic. It offered a roadmap for me to deal with my emotions after Andre’s self-death.