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Energy to Embrace Change
with Annette de la Porte

Life is unpredictable. We cannot control what happens to us. We can choose how we respond. This webinar is a practical encouragement on how to deal with change. Your challenge might be Covid-19, a troubled relationship or feeling that you have lost your ability to thrive. There are five worksheets to print out and apply the training to your personal situation.

Energy to Embrace Change with Annette de la Porte

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4. Change is Shocking

Insight 3: Change is Shocking Some changes in our lives can happen suddenly like the death of a loved one. Other changes are more gradual like […]

6. What do I miss?

Insight 5: What do I miss?     We sanitize our hands; we wear a mask. How do we protect our hearts against the pain of […]

7. What are my values?

Insight 6: What are my values?     We can only grief what we love. Your values are the core that drives your life and determines […]

8. What am I taking back?

Insight 7: What am I taking back?     What I have decided to take back is connection and wearing lipstick. I will call one of […]