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Training Your Employees in the Life Skill of Emotional Logic to Restore Their Capacity to Bounce Back and Thrive Again

Emotional Logic is not Emotional Intelligence. It is a life skill that was developed 35 years ago by a medical doctor from Brittan, Dr Trevor Griffiths. He noticed that his patients faced repetitive disappointments and did not attend to their losses, which led to anxiety and depression as illnesses. Emotions are displayed on the playing field of relationships at work, at home and with yourself. The pandemic was ‘n equaliser that impacted all employees from junior to senior. Since the start of the pandemic people lost essential values like predictability, routine, feeling in control, planning, support, connection, freedom of movement and choice. This led to an experience of shock upon shock and becoming paralyzed by it. Employees struggle with productivity and burnout due to impaired emotional capacity and problem-solving skills. This webinar will assist them to make sense of their emotions and restore their emotional wellbeing and equilibrium.

Is there logic to your emotions? Yes, your emotions are the messengers that tells you about your values. Our emotions are not right or wrong, good or bad. They are comfortable or uncomfortable. Understanding your emotions, prevent you from feeling overwhelmed by them. This method brings a cohesion between the logical planning centre of the brain and your emotions. When you learn what the useful purposes of the main emotions are, you can restore your sense of depletion by problem solving with new self-insight about your impaired capacity.

What will your employees learn? How to:

  • Identify their safe places at work and at home
  • Identify the shock symptoms in their body and what to do about it
  • Learn the useful purpose of each of the basic emotions that all humans experience (shock, denial, anger, guilt, problem solving, depression and acceptance)
  • Identify how they re-shock themselves and how they can stop it
  • What is the link between your emotions and your values?
  • How do you move from the stress cycle to the growth cycle?
  • Reframe depression as a healthy emotion that assists in facing your limits
  • How to problem solve effectively from the stuck-ness of depression
  • The power of choice: Making effective, achievable SMART plans (specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, time-sensitive)

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Training Options

After a consultation to ensure tailormade solutions according to the challenges a company faces with their employee wellness, I present a series of four training webinars of two hours each. Emotional logic is not emotional intelligence. Every employee from junior to senior suffered losses during the pandemic. My first training session is a very effective reflection and debriefing on what we missed during the pandemic and lockdown. The ‘map’ to understand your emotions and the new insights provided by this life- skill, is essential equipment for conflict resolution and regaining your emotional equilibrium, which will enhance productivity at work.

Before you decide on this training package, I suggest a conversation with an appointed person of the company who can pinpoint the specific challenges your employees currently face. With that information I can offer tailormade creative solutions.

Session 1: Are you tired of being on an emotional seesaw?

Session 2: How to negotiate the current zone of complexity? How do we establish safe communication protocols in an unsafe world?

Session 3: Understanding my emotional landscape and my style of conflict resolution

Session 4: Emotional whirlpools that cause stuck-ness in relationships and how to step out of it.

Package nr 1: Zoom consultation of one hour with appointed person of the company to ensure tailormade solutions. Four webinars of two hours each with 20 employees per webinar. Employees who completed the training, could be referred for individual coaching sessions.

Package nr 2: Zoom consult of 45 minutes with appointed person of the company to ensure tailormade solutions. Three webinars of two hours each with 20 employees per webinar.

Package nr 3: Zoom consult of 30 minutes with appointed person of company for needs assessment. Two webinars of two hours each with 20 employees per webinar.

Package nr 4: Zoom consult of 20 minutes with appointed person of company for needs assessment. Emotional seesaw webinar of two hours with 20 employees.